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About Us

In 1966 the Scouts of the Northern Districts began a show called Comedy Capers Gang Show.

This show was started by several members of the Adelaide Gang Show, who wanted to bring the excitement of performing on a stage to the local Boy Scouts. Scouting was a “boys only” movement, just as Girl Guides was for the girls, and so Comedy Capers was open only to boys.

Carry On Guides was formed in 1973 after a request to a father by a young girl named Michelle who wanted to do what her brother did…

Minutes of District Meeting held 29th June 1973, at which the idea for Carry On Guides was suggested.

The 2014 cast of Carry On Guides during Finale.

John Deeks was that father, and he also had a strong interest in the theatre. He approached his daughter’s Guide Leader, Olga Mildren, and with her support and a cast derived from the Elizabeth Downs, Elizabeth North and Elizabeth Park Districts, the first Carry On Guides show was presented in 1973 in the Playford High School Gymnasium. The show was so successful it became an annual event and in 1974 moved to the Shedley Theatre, which has been our home ever since.

Carry On Guides is the only “all Girl Guide” variety show in the world.

A lot of families have been involved with Carry On Guides over the years.

This is what makes us special. We are a show for families, put on by families, with the common link of Guiding and all that it stands for. And “family” does not only mean the word in the traditional sense.

So much more than a handful of Sunday nights and a week in theatre, Carry On Guides is family.

Our Producers

John Deeks
Gunter Haeusler
Shirley Gower
Joan Daws
Josie Allery
Pat Pomery
Jacky Sheldon
[2005-2008, 2010]
Liz Hobart
Sally Sheldon
Sally Mortimer
Myriam Williams
 Chantelle Travis
indicates “Gone Home”, when a Guide or Scout has passed away.

Our Awards

Carry On Guides annually presents a cast and a crew award, the Josie Allery Award and the John Deeks Award respectively. We also recognise long term service with a Life Membership Award, recognizing 25 years of participation as a cast or crew member.

The Josie Allery Award

In honour of our long-time supporter, Ruby Life Member and past Producer of the show, we award a cast member with an award in her name. Josie (and her family) started with the show in 1974, after they’d seen the first show in 1973 and her daughters decided they wanted to do the show also.  She has served in all departments and headed up various teams, including 12 years (1990-2001) as our Producer.

Since 2002, Josie (and her husband, Alan) can be found Front of House during our time in theatre, and quite often found helping out in other areas if needed.  In 2014 they were both awarded a Ruby Life Membership, recognising 40 years of active involvement. Josie has also been both a Guide and Scout leader, supporting her sons and daughters with their involvement in both associations.

The Josie Allery Award is awarded to the cast member who shows their understanding of the Guide Promise and Law, in the way they conduct themselves during rehearsals and the theatre season.  It can be awarded to any cast member of any age. The award will consist of a perpetual-type shield and a personal award/certificate for the recipient.  The shield will be displayed in the foyer during our theatre season.  The award will be presented, along with our other awards, at our between shows presentation.

Certificates acknowledging nomination for the award are presented to those who receive several nominations, Nominations for the award are made by fellow cast members and the Production Team, then considered by a panel from the Production & Executive Teams. Nominations are made by observation, or by telling a member of the production team or filling in a nomination form.

Congratulations to our previous nominees and Award recipients:

2016 Kyann Allen, Breanne Christie, Beth Coventry, Tilly Coventry,
Emma Cranney, Liz Hobart, Jess Hose, Jo McGuiness, Bel Philp, Anne-Marie Russell, Natalie Severin, Vicky Severin, Emma Sharp, Jessie Sheedy, Laura Vinten, Jay Wills
Rose Kerry
2015 Jo McGuiness, Chantelle Travis, Anthea Wills Jade Christie
2014 Breanne Christie, Rebecca Jordan, Deb McGuiness, Bronte Miller, Amber Platten, Anne-Marie Russell Kimberly Milham
2013 Breanne Christie, Kimberly Milham, Hayley Russell Emma Bailey

The Guide Promise
I promise that I will do my best
To be true to myself and develop my beliefs
To serve my community and Australia
And live by the Guide Law

The Guide Law

As a Guide I will strive to:

  • Respect myself and others
  • Be considerate, honest and trustworthy
  • Be friendly to others
  • Make choices for a better world
  • Use my time and abilities wisely
  • Be thoughtful and optimistic
  • Live with courage and strength
Josie Allery with Kimberly Milham, the 2014 recipient of the Josie Allery Award.
Chris Watson, the 2014 recipient of the John Deeks Award.
Recipients of the John Deeks Producers Award are:

John Deeks Producers Award

In 1998, John Deeks (our first Producer) came to see the show for our 25th Anniversary celebration.  He brought with him a wooden box as a perpetual award for an outstanding cast or crew member, who performed their duties above and beyond what was required of them.  This has been awarded annually since then, with the recipient being decided by the Production Director and her team.

When returning the award the recipient receives a keepsake which includes a certificate acknowledging their status as a recipient.  The certificate reads…..

Awarded in recognition of their outstanding and selfless contribution to Carry On Guides and epitomising what “Show Spirit” is all about…….

1998       Daphne Manuel

1999       Shirley Halls

2000       Pat Pomery

2001       Ron Lee

2002       Helen Daniels

2003       Jacky Sheldon

2004       Megan Gibbs

2005       Linda Hobart

2006       Liz Hobart

2007       Jenny Sheldon

2008       Gillian Powis

2009       Cory Hawkless & The Technical Crew

2010       Sal Dolan

2011       Nicole Miller

2012       Pat Pomery

2013       Kylie & Greg Pring

2014       Chris Watson

2015       Jenny Kerry

2016       Annie Cranston

Life Membership Awards

In 2005, the Executive Committee inaugurated a Life Membership Award, recognising 25 years of participation as a cast or crew member.

* indicates recipient still active within the show

Life Membership has been awarded to:

2005 Olga Mildren
Ron Lee
Josie Allery*
Alan Allery*
Ken Young
Jenny McAdams
Frank Wilkinson
2008 Pat Pomery (Garratt)*
2009 Eric Mingham*
2010 Kerry Patrick*
Alexis Cattley
2011 Roy Patrick*
2012 Joyce Patrick
Karen Rankin*
Rebecca Jordan (Sutton)*
2013 Kevin Knott*
Rita Sheldon
Sally Swan (Dolan)
Jacky Sheldon
2014 Ross Johnston*
Helen Daniels*
2016 Louise Vardon*

In 2014, Carry on Guides inaugurated a Ruby Life Membership Award, recognising 40 years of active participation.

Ruby Life Memberships have been awarded to:

2014       Josie Allery

                Alan Allery