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About Us

How We Started

In 1966 the Scouts of the Northern Districts began a show called Comedy Capers Gang Show.

This show was started by several members of the Adelaide Gang Show, who wanted to bring the excitement of performing on a stage to the local Boy Scouts. Scouting was a “boys only” movement, just as Girl Guides was for the girls, and so Comedy Capers was open only to boys.

Carry On Guides was formed in 1973 after a request to a father by a young girl named Michelle who wanted to do what her brother did…

John Deeks was that father, and he also had a strong interest in the theatre. He approached his daughter’s Guide Leader, Olga Mildren, and with her support and a cast derived from the Elizabeth Downs, Elizabeth North and Elizabeth Park Districts, the first Carry On Guides show was presented in 1973 in the Playford High School Gymnasium.

The show was so successful it became an annual event and in 1974 moved to the Shedley Theatre, which has been our home ever since.

Carry On Guides is the only “all Girl Guide” variety show in the Southern Hemisphere!

A lot of families have been involved with Carry On Guides over the years.

This is what makes us special. We are a show for families, put on by families, with the common link of Guiding and all that it stands for. And “family” does not only mean the word in the traditional sense.

So much more than a handful of Sunday nights and a week in theatre,
Carry On Guides is family.

Our Past and Present Producers

John Deeks
Gunter Haeusler
Shirley Gower
Joan Daws
Josie Allery
Pat Pomery
Jacky Sheldon
2005-2008, 2010
Liz Hobart
Sally Sheldon
Sally Mortimer
Myriam Williams
Chantelle Travis
2016 – present